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June 28, 2016

How to Make Mutter Paneer Pulao

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: Pulao is my all-time favorite quick and easy recipe. I think it's the easiest way to have lots of vegetables at a time. In this homemade recipe of Mutter Paneer Pulao I tried to add homemade paneer, and it's really very delicious. So let's try this easy and healthy mutter paneer pulao with super delicious Pav Bhaji.

January 12, 2016

How to make Bajra Khichdi

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: In earlier recipes, we made lots of variety of khichdi. And they are shahi daliya khichdi, fada khichdi, masala khichdi and of course very delicious baked masala khichdi. Basically, khichdi is a very popular homely food. But here in this homemade recipe of bajra khichdi it is made from bajra (millet) as the name indicates. As we all know bajra- millet is a good source of iron. I serve it with very flavorful Gujarati kadhi.

December 21, 2012

How to Make Shahi Dalia Khichdi

Recipe by Naiya Sheth : Learn how to make Shahi Dalia Khichdi. In the earlier recipe, we learn to make Masala Khichdi. As always it was made with rice, but now it is a home made the recipe for yummy and healthy Dalia Khichdi, rather Shahi Dalia Khichdi. As the name indicates it contains lots of dry fruits, and to make it more healthy I tried to add some vegetables to it. It goes very nice with Gujarati Kadhi. If dalia is soaked in hot water it will take less time to cook. Even it is ideal for single meal dinner. So, enjoy this delicious recipe today.

November 29, 2012

How to Make Schezwan Rice

Recipe By Naiya Sheth : Learn how to make Schezwan Rice. In earlier recipe we learn to make Schezwan Sauce. From that now it's a home made recipe for yummy and hot schezwan rice. As we all know it's a very spicy and delicious rice recipe. I just love the taste of schezwan sauce. So, I made it frequently. So enjoy the recipe of yummy and spicy rice with lots of vegetables. This Chinese recipe is very easy and quick if schezwan sauce is ready. If home made sauce is not available ready made sauce can be taken. But fresh sauce will give great aroma and taste.

November 28, 2012

How to Make Kashmiri Pulao

Recipe by Naiya Sheth : Learn how to make Kashmiri Pulao. Here is a all time favourite recipe for yummy and famous Kashmiri pulao. It is very delicious but not so hard.

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 20 minutes
Serves - 2 person

August 23, 2012

How to Make Fada ni Khichdi

Recipe by Naiya Sheth : Learn how to make Broken Wheat/Fada ni Khichdi. Broken wheat is also known as fada. It is one of the healthy grain we can include in our breakfast, lunch or dinner as it is. Here in this home made a recipe of broken wheat khichdi. we are going to use lots of vegetables also to make it more nutritious. If it is served as a whole meal, plane or masala curd should be served with it. Otherwise, it is very tasty alone also. 

March 20, 2012

How to Make Lemon Rice

Learn how to make Lemon Rice. This is a delicious pulao recipe with the tangy taste of lemon. An ideal recipe for summer. It can be served with rasam or salad.  It can be packed for lunch box also. In southern part of India Lemon Rice can be made during the festive occasion of pongal. But here we can prepare this for heavy breakfast or light lunch. So enjoy this quick and easy recipe. Even with left over rice it can be more easy.

February 4, 2012

How to make Baked Masala Khichdi

Learn how to make Baked Masala Khichdi. This time of year (winter) especially, khichdi serves as an easy and inexpensive, but warming and enriching meal. There are different types of khichdi to make, with almost any ingredient available. One of my favourites is Baked Masala KhichdiI have tried it at many different restaurants but prefer to make my own meals from scratch. Below is my recipe for  Baked Masala KhichdiThis is a recipe that serves my creativity well. It can be changed easily to fit dietary needs. It is simple to make and delicious to eat.
So here is a homemade recipe for masala khichdi with lots of vegetables. This recipe is very nutritious because it contains rice, dals, vegetables, curd and maybe sprouts. Means it's full of fibres, calcium, protein and vitamins. So, enjoy tasty khichdi recipe this winter.

January 26, 2012

How to make Shahi Dum Biriyani with Cheese Raita

Learn how to make Shahi Dum Biriyani with Cheese Raita. There are various types of wonderful recipes available Worldwide. It is usually found that food lovers want to taste the delicacies around the world but don't have enough options to choose from their favorite recipes. Indian food is known for its good variety of tastes. I always believe that the best things in life are always the simple food. Some simple foods can make a world of difference and spice up entire dish. You can change some of the ingredients to add some variety to this recipe if you serve it often. It is simple to make something to eat.

September 26, 2011

How to make Masala Khichdi

Learn how to make Masala Khichdi in microwave.

Khichdi is a special recipe of Indian - Gujarati cuisine.
Normally we are making it by pressure cooking. But here it's a recipe of masala khichdi in microwave. Which is full of vegetable, means full of vitamins. But over all this is a tasty and healthy recipe which is good to digest.

How to make Jeera Rice

Learn how to make Jeera Rice in a microwave.

Another kind of rice recipe in Indian cuisine. Jeera rice can be served with curry, dal fry or dal makhani. Here it's a home made the recipe for jeera rice in the micro wave. So, enjoy easy and quick jeera rice with dal, curry and even with Gujarati kadhi also.

September 21, 2011

How to make Paneer Biriyani

Learn how to make Paneer Biriyani.

Paneer is a good source of calcium. Here is a home made recipe for special Mughlai recipe - Paneer Biriyani. This recipe is made in microwave so, good in taste and good for health also. 

May 29, 2011

How to make Veg. Pulao with Raita

Learn, how to make homemade veg.pulao recipe in microwave with raita

Here is an easy recipe for Veg. pulao with raita in a microwave.This homemade pulao recipe contains vegetables, milk products and rice also. so, it is full of nutritious, can act as the whole meal also. It's really a very good source of vitamins and calcium also.

May 26, 2011

How To Make Spanish Rice

Learn, How to make delicious,home made Spanish rice recipe. Spanish rice is very delicious and tangy rice. As it contains tomato pure and green vegetables also it is full of protein and vitamins.

Serves - 4
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 20 minutes

May 25, 2011

How to Make Tomato Rice

Learn, how to make delicious, home made tomato rice recipe in microwave.

Tomato rice is very good option for rice lovers. This recipe contains rice,coconut milk and of course tomatoes so, it is good source of vitamin c and proteins.

May 23, 2011

How To Make Fried Rice

Learn, how to make Chinese Fried Rice recipe.

Chinese fried rice is a very very well known recipe of Chinese cousin. Here is a home made recipe trying to make it simple and fast.

Serves - 4
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 10 minutes

May 21, 2011


Learn, how to make Hyderabadi  Biriyani. Normally Hyderabadi Biriyani is one of the well known rice recipe.Here is a recipe for dum biriyani. It's a try to make it easier. It contains rice, dry fruits, vegetables and milk products also. So, we can feel it as a whole meal also.

Serves - 5 
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 25 minutes

May 20, 2011

How to Make Vegetable Biriyani

Delicious rice recipe means Vegetable Biriyani. How to make Vegetable Biriyani? This is the frequently asked question. So here is a easy solution of the above question, a easy recipe for veg.biriyani.

Serves - 5 
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 15 minutes