July 9, 2012

Health benefits of Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is also known as doodhi, lauki, sorakkai, ghiya and white flower etc. We can say that it can found in every kitchen of India. It is believed that bottle gourd was originated in Africa. This vegetable is not that popular in western countries. Ensure to select a bottle gourd with smooth skin and pale green in colour. They should free from cuts, spots and blemishes. They should firm to handle and hard when press. 

How ever it is best to consume it fresh but if it is not possible it should be stored in refrigerator in a zip lock bag or freeze bag. Chopped  bottle gourd should be store in a air tight container with water for better storage.

It belongs to gourd family. It is advisable to use young and fresh bottle gourd. Peel it freshly when you want to cube or grate it. It takes very low time to cook. It can be used to make soup, vegetable, koftas, muthiya, halwa, juices etc. It is necessary to soak it in fresh water after peeling, chopping or grating if not in use instantly. Specially they are very good for old aged people. 

Health benefits of Bottle Gourd

  • Is rich in fibre which helps us to prevent constipation and acidity. 
  • Is low in calories because it contains 96% water so, good for low calories diet.
  • Is a good medicine for excessive thirst for people suffering from diabetes.
  • Helps the liver function means good for jaundice patients. 
  • Is good for hair because it reduces graying of hair.
  • Reduces fatigue and helps us to remain fresh specially during summer.
  • Juice is very effective for the diseases like insanity, epilepsy, nervous diseases, stomach acidity, piles, ulcer etc.
  • Is helpful in losing weight. 
  • Prevents excess loss of sodium.
  • Is anti-bilious if cooked. It makes us relax after eating.
It is advisable to eat bottle gourd cooked-not row because it can harm the stomach and intestine.

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