July 21, 2012

Benefits of Walnuts

Walnuts are known as akhrot and Karat also. 
Normally walnuts harvests in December, but we can buy it for all the  year. It's a delicious dry fruit which add crunch and nutrition to our food. It contains high level of antioxidants, which more then peanuts, almonds, pecans etc. As per the researches walnuts contains double amount of antioxidants then any other nuts. It's a great source of omega 3 fatty acids also. It is available with hard brown, round cover.
We can get walnut by breaking that cover. Walnuts are used for many Indian and international recipes. One of them is chocolate walnut flavour, which is most popular flavour all around the world. We can use walnuts by chopping, crushing or even by making powder also. Be careful while purchasing walnuts. If you are purchasing it with shell take heavy weight shell. They should not be cracked, strained or pierced. If the walnuts are without shell always smell before purchasing. Now vacuum packs of walnuts are also available in market. Always keep walnuts in refrigerator after breaking seal. Shelled or shell free walnuts can be stored in refrigerator for six months. And if it is stored in freezer can be store for a whole year.

Benefits of Walnuts:

  • It is called brain food because it contains omega 3.
  • As it contains omega 3 it is use full for patients suffering from asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema or psoriasis. Because walnut provides anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • As it is good source of omega 3 which is very very essential for our body. But our body is not able to produce it itself. 
  • Walnut is good source of protein, manganese and copper.It is helpful in preventing gallstone.  
  • It is a good source of mono unsaturated fat so it can reduce high cholesterol level, and can improve cardiovascular wellness. Means it can reduce the risk of heart problem. 
  • It can help to relieve hypertension.
  • It is helpful for the patients of type 2 diabetes.
  •  It can help to reduce problems in metabolic syndrome. 
  • It is useful for cancer patients also.

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