June 27, 2012

How To Make Nylon Khaman

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: Learn how to make Nylon Khaman. Normally khaman is made from gram dal- chana dal. But here it’s a homemade recipe for instant khamn, which is made from gram flour – chana flour. It is called Nylon Khaman also. It will make the whole process very easy and quick.

Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – 15 minutes
Serves – 3 people

Ingredients to make Nylon Khaman:

1 cup gram flour
1 tea spoon semolina
1 table spoon sugar
1/2 tea spoon lemon juice
Salt to taste
2 tea spoon oil
¾ cup water approx.
1 tea spoon green chili paste
1 to 1¼ tea spoon fruit salt - eno

Ingredients to make Vaghar – tadka:

3 table spoon oil
1 tea spoon mustard seeds
1 tea spoon sesame seeds
1 tea spoon sugar
5 to 6 green chilies – long sliced
½ cup water
10 to 15 curry leaves

Ingredients to make Chutney:

1 tea spoon oil
½ tea spoon mustard seeds
4 to 5 curry leaves
Salt to taste
1 table spoon sugar
1 tea spoon finely chopped green chili
1 table spoon gram flour

For garnishing:
Chopped coriander leaves
Grated fresh coconut

Method to make Nylon Khaman:

(1) In a steamer add water and allow boiling.
(2) Mix flour, semolina, sugar, lemon juice, salt, oil, chilies and water together. Mix well.
(3) Add fruit salt and mix well in single direction. Pour the mixture in a greased khaman plate and cook for 10 to 15 minutes in steamer.
(4) When cooked remove and keep aside for 15 minutes. Cut in desired shape.
(5) In small pan heat oil, add mustard seeds. When it crackles add sesame seeds, green chilies, sugar and water.
(6) Spread it over khaman. Arrange Nylon khaman in serving plate and garnish with chopped coriander leaves and grated fresh coconut.
(7) Hot and quick nylon khaman is ready to serve. Serve it with chutney.

Method to make Chutney:
(1) Mix gram flour, salt, water, sugar, green chili in a pan and allow it to boil.
(2) When turns thick remove from flame.
(3) In a small pan heat oil and add mustard seeds. When it crackles add curry leaves and pour it to ready chutney. Mix properly.

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