June 10, 2012

How To Make Fruity Veg Punch

Breakfast is the most important part of our whole day meal. So, hear it’s a quick and healthy recipe for fruit and veg. punch. Fruity Veg. Punch contains fruits as well as vegetable also.
Preparation time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – nil
Serves – 4 people


Ingredients to make Fruity Veg. Punch:

1 glass fresh pineapple juice
1 glass fresh apple juice
2 glasses fresh carrot juice
1 tea spoon ginger juice
Salt to taste (opt.)
½ tea spoon black salt (opt.)
½ tea spoon roasted cumin powder (opt.)
For garnishing:
Finely chopped apple
Finely chopped pineapple

Method to make fruity Veg. Punch:

(1) Mix all juices in a big bowl and add dry spices.
(2) Mix well and pour in a long juice glass.
(3) Garnish with finely chopped pineapple and apple.
(4) Healthy and quick Fruity Veg. Punch is ready to serve.
(1) Other juices of your choice can be added as per orange, water melon, grape, etc.
(2) Some ice cubes also can be added to the juice for chilled one.


  1. I tried the combination of fruit juices you suggested but the taste was weird. I think it was because the acidity did not neutralize. When i made it a second time, i left the juices mixed for three hours in the refrigerator. This meant that there was more time for the acidity to neutralize to mix. Sure enough the results were fantastic. You could not taste the individual juices anymore but there was just a punchy taste to it. highly recommended recipe for anyone for any time of day. But just leave the juices mixed for a couple of hours for best results.

  2. I really like your technique Naiya as you give a really helpful technique to make an instant juice and the pattern of mixing and the combination result of other juices was very tasty. Thanks Naiya!
    ~Aansy Stone