August 9, 2011

Rakshabandhan - Rakhi Special Recipe Chocolate Vanilla Sandesh

Rakshabandhan is most special festival brothers and sisters, Rakhi is just around the corner. Naiya brings you some special sweets to make this Rakshabandhan extra special for your loved ones.
Bengali sweets are very well known. Here it is a recipe for traditional Bengali sweet - Chocolate Vanilla Sandesh. There is a different kind of Sandesh here, for example - dry fruit Sandesh, chocolate Sandesh, pineapple Sandesh, rainbow Sandesh etc.

Ingredients to make Chocolate Vanilla Sandesh:

300-gram paneer - cottage cheese
8 table spoon condensed milk 
6 table spoon powdered sugar
1 cup milk
8 table spoon milk powder
3 table spoon corn flour
1/2 tea spoon vanilla essence
4 table spoon cocoa powder
2 table spoon pistachio - finely chopped

For garnishing:

Silver foil (opt.)

Method to make  Chocolate Vanilla Sandesh:
  • Grate paneer and mix it with condensed milk, sugar, milk powder and corn flour. Churn it properly.
  • In a non - stick pan heat the mixture at slow flame. Stir continually. 
  • Cook it till the mixture is thick and rotates with a spoon.
  • Let it cool, after cooling make 2 parts of the mixture. Make sure one part is bigger than another one.
  • Add vanilla essence in a smaller portion of the mixture. Keep a side.
  • Add cocoa powder in the bigger portion of the mixture.
  • Make small balls from vanilla Sandesh and insert chopped pistachio between it. Repeat the process for the rest.
  • Cover all vanilla Sandesh with a chocolate portion.
  • Garnish Chocolate Vanilla Sandesh with silver foil.
  • You can serve Chocolate Vanilla Sandesh as it is or serve after cutting it into 2 equal parts also.
  • Always take fresh paneer. If paneer is not fresh wash it 2 - 3 times.
  • Try to consume Sandesh as soon as possible, because it will be more tasty while fresh.

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