July 13, 2011

How to make Chocolate Smoothie

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: Learn how to make Chocolate Smoothie recipe. Chocolate is universal flavour  And smoothies are very good source of calcium for kids. Here its a home made smoothie recipe, with a well known chocolate flavour - Chocolate smoothie. I think it's a great option for heavy drink with break fast when you want to skip your lunch. Even they can be topped with a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream to make it a stomach filler. So enjoy delicious chocolate smoothie with heavy break fast or as a part of brunch.

Preparation time 5 - 7 minutes
Cooking time - nil
Serves - 4 persons

Ingredients to make Chocolate Smoothie:

15 to 16 chocolate chips or chocolate cream cookies
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
4 scoops chocolate ice cream
2 cups chilled milk
1 tea spoon cocoa powder
1/4 tea spoon vanilla essence

For garnishing:

Chocolate sauce

Method to make Chocolate smoothie:

  1. Roughly crush chocolate cookies and mix them with both ice creams,milk, cocoa powder and vanilla essence.
  2. Now whip them.
  3. Garnish with chocolate sauce.
  4. Serve chilled Chocolate smoothie.
  5. You can serve this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream also.

Ingredients to make Chocolate Sauce:

1/2 cup milk
50 gram grated dark chocolate

Method to make Chocolate sauce:

  • Mix both ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and cook in microwave till chocolate melts properly.

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