August 10, 2017

Jar Cake Specially for this Rakhi/Rakshabandhan

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: Again one more mouthwatering chocolaty recipe. After so many festival special recipes of it's time to take yummy and decorative Jar Cake Recipe and that also with my all time favourite chocolate flavour. I made this from my special whole wheat brownie. But any leftover brownie or chocolate cake. So let's make this yummy, delicious and easy Jar Cake recipe.

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time nil
Makes one small jar

Ingredients to make Jar Cake:

1 to 1 1/2 cup crumble chocolate cake or brownie
100 ml. whipping cream (unsweeten)
2 to 3 tablespoon caster sugar
Few drops vanilla essence
1/2 cup chocolate truffle
2 to 3 tablespoon coffee decoction

For garnishing:

Sugar decoration
Chocolate chips
Silver balls

For making chocolate Truffle:

500 grams dark compound chocolate
400 grams single fat cream

Method to make Jar Cake:

  • In a microwave safe jar mix dark compound chocolate and cook for 30 seconds or till melt. The chocolate truffle is ready.
  • Take some ice in a bowl and place a smaller bowl over it. Add whipping cream, caster sugar and vanilla essence to it. Whisk carefully till it shows the peak.
  • In a jar spread a semi thick layer of chocolate truffle.
  • Make a thick layer of crumbled chocolate cake or brownie. Spread some coffee decoction over it and then make a layer of whipped cream.
  • Repeat the same for more 2 to 3 layers as the jar allow.
  • At last, make a layer of chocolate truffle on the top.
  • And garnish with sugar decoration, silver balls and chocolate chips.
  • Cover with lead and refrigerate for minimum one hour.
  • Quick, easy and delicious Jar Cake is ready.

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