August 21, 2014

How to Make Roti Rolls

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: Earlier we made so many recipes from left over roties. It is but natural to have leftover roties in our kitchen. Today we are going to make delicious snack from this same left over roties. This time I made stuffing from beans,but it can be made from any other stuffing of your choice. It may be of potato, noodles or even Chinese stuffing also. I will prefer cheese chocolate also. So, try to make this roti rolls today.

Preparation time - 5 to 10 minutes
Cooking time - 10 to 15 minutes
Makes - 3 rolls

Ingredients to make Roti Rolls:

1 left over roti
Oil for frying

For stuffing:

1 cup backed beans
1 grated boiled potato
1 finely chopped onion
1/2 finely chopped capsicum
2 table spoon boiled sweet corn
2 table spoon boiled kidney beans
2 table spoon boiled soya bean
salt to taste
2 table spoon oil
1/4 cup tomato pure
1 tea spoon chopped garlic
1 table spoon red chilli powder
1/2 tea spoon chilli flacks
1/2 tea spoon oregano
1 table spoon tomato ketch up
1 table spoon cheese spread
2 table spoon grated cheese
Corn flour slurry as needed
Bread crumbs as needed

To serve with:

Tomato ketch up

Method to make Roti Roll:

  • Heat oil in a pan, add onion and capsicum in it. Cook for 2 minutes and add whole tin of baked beans in it. 
  • Add tomatoes, salt, red chilli powder and chilli flacks, oregano to it.
  • At last add boiled potato to it and mix well.
  • Cook for 2 minutes. Now add tomato sauce and grated cheese to it. Again cook for a minute.
  • Let it cool at room temperature.

How to assemble Roti Rolls:

  • Place a roti on flat surface and spread above mixture on it.
  • Spread some tomato ketch up and grated cheese on it. Sprinkle some chilli flacks and oregano over it.
  • Spread corn flour slurry on open sides of roti.
  • Roll it carefully and again seal properly with corn flour slurry.
  • Cut in small bite size rolls.
  • Dip open ends of roll in corn flour slurry and then dip in dry bread crumbs. Repeat the same and fry in hot oil till light brown and crisp. 
  • Serve hot and delicious Roti Rolls with tomato ,ketch up.

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