April 1, 2013

How to Make Cucumber Delight

It's hot summer now. And time for really cool recipes. Means it's time for summer salads. Normally we makes cucumber recipes like cucumber sandwiches and even in earlier recipes we made cucumber raita, cucumber drink, and yoghurt dip with pita bread etc. But now it' time for yummy and creamy different salad recipe of cucumber delight. It is creamy and healthy recipe. Home made paneer and hung curd is used in this recipe of cucumber delight.This is a very healthy and quick salad. It's serving is different. And lot more vegetables and fruits are used along with cucumber.So try this creamy, healthy cucumber delight today.

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - nil

Ingredients to make Cucumber Delight:

250 grams fresh cucumber
1 cup hung curd
1/4 cup paneer
Salt to taste
1/4 cup grated carrot
1/4 cup pomegranate seeds
1 tea spoon chaat masalo
1 tea spoon caster sugar
1 to 2 green chillies finely chopped
1 tea spoon roasted cumin powder
1 table spoon finely chopped coriander leaves

For garnishing:

Pomegranate seeds
Grated beat root
Finely chopped coriander leaves

Method to make Cucumber delight:

  • Try to take thick cucumber. Wash and cut them vertically  in to two parts. Again cut them in 3" to 4" pieces horizontally.
  • Carefully remove seeds from them to make boat shape.
  • Hang curd for 35 to 40 minutes. In a big mixing bowl add hung curd, fresh crumbled paneer, pomegranate seeds, grated carrots and mix well.
    Keep in refrigerator for minimum 30 minutes.
  • At the time of serving add salt, caster sugar, green chillies, cumin powder and coriander leaves to it and mix well. 
  • Place some curd filling over the hollow of cucumber and garnish with pomegranate seeds, coriander and beat root.
  •  Serve cucumber delight chilled.
Recipe by Naiya Sheth.

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