September 20, 2012

How to Make Russian Salad Sandwich

Recipe by Naiya Sheth : Learn how to make Russian Salad Sandwich. In earlier post we learn how to make Russian Salad. But now in this home made recipe we are going to make some thing different. Let's make a twist just fill left over Russian salad in bread slice. It is a filling and creamy recipe, specially for kids and elders. Who can not have spicy meal. This recipe of Russian Salad Sandwich can be served as heavy starter with soup or mocktail. Even it can be served as single meal or heavy break fast also. Above all it has to be served cold, means it's an ideal recipe for hot summer.

Preparation time - 20 minutes
Cooking time - nil
Serves - 4 person

Ingredients to make Russian Salad Sandwich:

1 recipe Russian Salad
8 big sandwich bread
Butter as needed

To Serve with:

Aerated Drink

Method to Make Russian Salad Sandwich:

  • Make Russian salad as the recipe. Keep a side in refrigerator.
  • Take a bread slice and remove sides from it. Repeat the same for remaining. 
  • Apply some butter over bread slices. Spread ready chilled Russian salad over a slice and cover with another slice. Press lightly. 
  • Repeat the same for remaining. Cover them with wet muslin cloth. Keep in refrigerator.
  • At the time of serving cut them in desired shape and serve cold Russian Salad Sandwich with cold soup, aerated drink or mocktail.

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  1. I really liked your recipe..Cant wait to start preparing it..Lovely one.