July 7, 2012

Health Benefits of Pineapple

Pineapple is known as ananas also. They are one of the most popular tropical fruits. They are sweet tangy and juicy, and of course most important healthy and nutritious. They have juiciness and vibrant tropical flavour. Pineapple was originated in south America, and then transported to Hawaii in the 1700's. Hawaii supplies most amount to America.  And China supplies the whole world. Pineapples are available in wide cylindrical shape with scaly green, yellow and brown skin. Their skin is very hard. 
Normally pineapple season is during march to June. But now they are available during whole year in local market. Fresh pineapple should have green fresh small leaves as crown. They can be removed easily if the pineapple is fresh. 

It is advisable to store pineapple in refrigerator. If it is not possible it should be used within 2 days. It will increase acidity level not sweetness. But in refrigerator it can be stored for 3 to 4 days. Once the outer layer is removed it should be store in refrigerator in air tight container. Juice or chopped pineapple can be stored in deep freezer for 4 to 6 months. 

Pineapple contains vitamin A, C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates etc. Pineapple can be use as it is, as juice, crush, halwa or in bake dishes.

Health Benefits of Pineapple 

  • Low in fat and cholesterol, so good for health.
  • Rich in vitamin C, so they can fight with the virus of cough and cold. Eating pineapple with medicine will give better result.
  • Able to build and maintain strong bones. Because it contains manganese which is good to build bones and connective tissues. A cup of pineapple can fulfil 73% requirement of our body.
  • Able to strength to our gums which will keep our teeth healthy and strong. 
  • Not too acidic. So it can keep digestive system healthy.
  • Able to alleviate the incoming signs of arthritis. Because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • A great source of manganese, which is responsible for bone formate, healing wounds and keeping skin healthy. It can regulate sugar level and can improve immunity. 

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