July 24, 2012

Benefits of Apple

Apple is known as Safarchand and seb also. It is said that "AN APPLE A DAY, KEEPS A DOCTOR AWAY." Apples are round in shape and green,yellow and red in colour.They have firm, smooth and shine skin. It will have white or ivory colour flesh. It is advisable to eat an apple as it is. Just wash and eat. It is a delicious and crunchy fruit. It is most popular to health concious people who believe that "health is wealth." Apples can be used in the shape of cubes, slices, grated apple, even apple pulp also can be used in many recipes.
It is very easy to purchase apples, just care about skin and fragrance. They should be well coloured and and firm with fresh fragrance. Always store apples in refrigerator in plastic bag to maintain crispiness, juicy texture and flavour. It will change the colour after cutting, to avoid that apply some lemon juice over it. It is advisable to eat an apple with skin because 2/3 of fibres and lots of antioxidants are found in the skin of apple. 

Benefits of Apple:

  • Antioxidants in apple skin can help to reduce damage to cells which can trigger some diseases.  
  • It can lower the cholesterol level.
  • Apple can lower the risk of developing lung cancer and breast cancer.
  • Apple can improve born density and can also strengthen bones.
  • It is reach in fibre so, it can help in digestion. Regular consumption of apple can ensure smooth bowl movement and can help in preventing constipation and stomach disorders.
  • Apple paste with milk or honey can give shine and glow on the skin.
  • They can improve eye-sight and can help in the treatment of night blindness.
  • They are useful for anaemia as they are very rich in iron.
  • Apple can remove weakness and improve overall body health.
  • The fibre in apple can clean the teeth and anti viral property of it can keep bacteria and virus away.

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