February 10, 2012

How to make Custard Apple Smoothie

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: Learn how to make Custard Apple Smoothie. As we all know custard apple is one of the excellent sweet fruit. It contains double anti oxidants than an apple so very healthy also. It is a high calorie and high sugar fruit. It is full of vitamin a, b and c, minerals, calcium, irons etc. It’s a very good for anemic person as it is a very good source of hemoglobin. If you've always wondered how to actually make homemade Custard Apple Smoothie, use the following recipes to make your own Custard Apple Smoothie.

Here it’s a homemade recipe for healthy custard apple smoothie. It can be served for breakfast as well as desert also. You can change some of the ingredients to add some variety to this recipe if you serve it often.

I love making this fruit smoothie at home! This recipe makes it fast -- and it's really delicious. This is the easiest homemade Custard Apple Smoothie recipe I know. I use it all the time. The given ingredients would serve 4 people. For more people the ingredients should be incremental. I always believe that the best things in life are always the simple food. Custard Apple Smoothie is a real delight for all the food lovers and one of the most popular fruit smoothie recipes.

Preparation time – 20 minutes
Cooking time – nil
Serves – 4 people

Ingredients to make Custard apple Smoothie:

½ cup almonds – roasted in butter
2 cups custard apple pulp
2 cups milk
8 scoop vanilla ice cream
1 cup crushed ice

For garnishing:

Chocolate chips or Chocolate vermicelli or Almond

Method to make custard apple smoothie:

  •          Roughly crush almonds – For better result use dry fruit cutter.
  •          Mix almonds, custard apple pulp, crushed ice and vanilla ice cream. Churn it properly
  •           Pour smoothie in a glass and garnish with almond, chocolate chips or chocolate vermicelli.
  •          Sweet and healthy Custard apple smoothie is ready to serve.

Custard Apple Smoothie Tips:

  • If custard apples are not available mangoes, bananas or chikooes can be used.
  • It is simple to make and soothing to eat.