April 13, 2011

Cookie Cake

Learn, how to make delicious no bake chocolate cookie cake. This recipe is for beginners, who don't know anything about baking. But want to make home made cookie cake.

Serves - 8
Cooking time - 2 minutes
Preparation time - 25 minutes

Ingredients to make Cookie Cake:

Glucose biscuits
Coffee powder
2 tea spoon
Drinking chocolate powder
1 tea spoon

For chocolate cream:

Full fat cream
½ cup
Drinking chocolate powder
3 table spoon

For icing:

White butter
250 – 300 gram
Cocoa powder
4 table spoon
Icing sugar
4 table spoon
Vanilla essence
2 drops
Oreo biscuits

Method of making Cookie Cake:
  1. Beat cream and drinking chocolate powder together keep a side.
  2. Mix every ingredients of icing together, keep a side.
  3. Boil 1 1/2 cup water and mix coffee powder and drinking chocolate powder in it, let it cool at room temperature.
  4. Take a loose bottom cake tin,cover it with butter paper. Now soak biscuit biscuits in coffee mixture, and remove immediately. Place it in covered tin repeat the process.
  5. Make a thick layer of 18 biscuits at a time by spreading it on bottom of tin.
  6. Spread chocolate cream over it properly.
  7. Now repeat the process for remaining 18 biscuits.
  8. let it set for 30 minutes in refrigerator.     
  9. Remove cake from tin and apply icing on it.
  10. Place Oreo biscuits on it,let it cool in refrigerator for at-least 1 hour, then serve chilled cookie cake. Can be served with vanilla ice cream also.  

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