September 17, 2012

Benefits of Milk

Milk is also known as Doodh, Dudh. Milk is an opaque white liquid. Milk is natural source of nutrition. Which is available in whole world. There are different types of milk. Whole milk - full fat or full cream milk, standard milk, toned milk and double toned milk. Even another verities are also available, for example : cow milk and buffalo milk even goat and camel milk is also available. But mostly cow milk and buffalo milk is used. Other types of milk like donkey milk, sheep milk, horse milk and yak milk are also available but they are not consumed by us.
Above milk is called animal milk, even soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk is also available, they don't have animal substitute. Always buy processed milk to avoid bacteria.It should stored in refrigerator under 40`f. temp. Even deep freezing can be done, in that case milk can be stored for 20 to 15 days. 

Benefits of Milk:

  • It provides calcium, magnesium and protein which is essential for healthy bone growth and development.
  • Calcium and phosphorous of milk and dairy products are beneficial for healthy teeth.
  • Milk can reduce high blood pressure.
  • It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Low fat milk can control obesity.
  • It can reduce the risk of both colorectal and breast cancer.
  • It is very good for dry skin type. Even it can remove dead skin cells.
  • It can help in reducing acidity.
  • Warm milk can improve sleep due to presence of tryptophan.
  • It can also protects against development of type 2 diabetes mallitus.

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