August 5, 2012

Janmastmi Special Recipe Farali Chivda

Recipe by Naiya Sheth : Learn how to make Farali Chivda. As we all know Janmastmi is the birth anniversary of Loard Krishna. It is also known as Gokul Asthmi, Krishnaasthmi or srijayanti. Loard Krishna is the eighth avtar -incarnation of Loard Vishnu. It is celebrated in all over India in the month of shravan. The janmastmi of mathura and vrindavan are famous all over the world. On this occasion temples and homes are decorated and illuminated. The main birth ceremony is celebrated at mid night at 12:00 am. Till that time only farali recipes are taken for whole day.
So I would like to introduce one more home made farali recipe - Farali Chivda on this occasion. During these days farali chivda is available at shops also. But it's an honest try to make it at home. So that one can have fresh and hygienic recipe. 

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 30 minutes

Ingredients to make Farali Chivda: 

500 gram potatoes
1/4 cup pea nuts
1/8 cup cashews
1/8 cup raisins
Salt to taste
1 table spoon red chilly powder
1 1/2 table spoon powder sugar
1/2 tea spoon dry mango powder
Oil for frying

Method to make Farali Chivda:

  • Wash and remove skins of potatoes. Grate them. (try to make it thick)
  • Wash them 2 to 3 times. Remove excess water from it.
  • Heat oil and fry them at slow to medium flame.
  • After that fry peanuts, cashews and raisins. Mix them and add spices. 
  • Mix well. All time favourite munching Farali Chivda is ready to serve. 
  • Store it in air tight container for long long freshness. 

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