August 24, 2012

How to Make Carrot Cake

Recipe by Naiya Sheth : Learn how to make Carrot Cake. As we all know Carrots are good source of vitamin. So, here it’s a home made recipe for a lovely carrot cake. Earlier we learn about the recipe of Gajar ka Halwa. You can use carrot cake for desert and breakfast also. Icing is optional for this recipe so it can be used as low calorie cake also. If it is served as desert it can be served with vanilla ice cream or ice cream of your choice. So enjoy this healthy and delicious home made recipe today.  

Preparation time - 30 minutes
Cooking time 50 minutes
Serves – 8 people

Ingredients to make Carrot Cake:

400 grams condensed milk
100 gram butter
200 gram self rising flour
250 gram grated carrot
1 tea spoon baking soda
1 tea spoon soda bi carb
½ tea spoon nutmeg powder – jaifal powder
125 ml. soda water

For garnishing:

Whipped sweet cream (opt.)
Sliced carrot

Method to make Carrot Cake:

  • Sieve flour, baking soda, soda bi carb and nutmeg powder together and keep a side.
  • Dust grated carrot with some flour to prevent them from setting of the bottom.
  • Soften butter and add condensed milk to it. Beat properly.
  • Add some flour to the above mixture and beat than add some soda water and beat well. Repeat the process till flour and soda used up.
  • Add carrot to it and pour the mixture to greased and dusted cake tin.
  • Bake it for 45 to 50 minutes at 180`c temp. in pre heated oven.
  • When baked remove from oven and let it cool at room temp.
  • UN mold cake and make icing if required.
  • Garnish with carrot slice.
  • Healthy and tasty breakfast – Carrot Cake is ready to serve.

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