March 9, 2012

How to make Puran Poli

Learn how to make Puran poli. To make puran poli is a highly skilled task. It is a well-known sweet of Gujarat and Maharashtra. But there is a slight difference in their ingredients. In Gujarat, we are using toovar dal and in Maharashtra, they are using chana dal. But with both material it tests very nice, yummy and mouth watering. Originally it's a very long process to make it, but here it's a homemade recipe for Puran Poli in the microwave. Actually, it's a combination cooking of flame and microwave cooking. It will give the same rich aroma of Indian spices as cooked on flame with fewer efforts. So enjoy cooking very well known Gujarati sweet with Gujarati Kadhi.

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 10 to 15 minutes
Makes - 15 to 17 puran poli approx.

Ingredients to make Puran Poli:

For dough:
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 table spoon oil
Dry rice flour for rolling
Ghee for frying or smearing

For puran - stuffing:
1 cup toovar dal
1 cup sugar
2 table spoon ghee
3 to 4 saffron strands
1/2 tea spoon cardamom powder

To serve with:
Gujarati kadhi
Sukhi bhaji

Method to make Puran Poli:

For dough:
  • Mix whole wheat flour and oil, knead soft dough from it with sufficient water. Take some drops of oil on palm and again knead dough for 3 to 4 minutes. 
  • Cover it and keep aside for 15 minutes. After again knead dough and make equal size balls from it. Cover and keep aside.
For filling:
  • Wash and soak toovar dal in warm water for 15 minutes. 
  • Pressure cook it with sufficient water. ( about 1 cup water for 1 cup dal.)
  • When cooked transfer it in a microwave proof bowl and add ghee and sugar to it. Mix well.
  • Cook for 3 minutes in microwave at HI.
  • Cook till it is ready stir occasionally. Making time may be different as the make and temp. of the microwave oven.
  • Prick a spoon in the middle of the bowl and if it stands without support your puran is ready.
  • Transfer it in a flat dish and let it cool at room temp.
  • When cool make equal size balls from it.
How to proceed: 
    • Roll out 1 portion of the dough till it is of 3"diameter, place a ball of filling at the centre and fold the edges of dough over filling. Seal it properly and cut the extra dough.
    • Flatten the dough and again roll carefully till desire size.
    • Cook on the tavi - griddle at medium flame till light brown. Apply ghee  on it and fry. Remove from griddle and garnish with caster sugar and sliced almonds and pistachio.
    • Repeat the same for remaining.
    • Hot and yummy Puran poli is ready to serve. Serve it with gujarati kadhi and shkhi bhaji.
    Tips for puran poli:
    • Puran can be cooked on fire also, but it will take so much time and total attention. 
    • Even frying can be avoided, in that case, remove puran poli from tavi when light brown and smear ghee on both the sides of puran poli.
    • For better taste serve hot.

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    1. excellent first time my puran polis were perfect, with no mess and consumed quite less time. I did not know we could make use of puran polis with microwave.....10 on 10 from me...

      mamta raul