December 19, 2011

How to make Khajur - Date's Rolls

Learn how to make Khajur Rolls.

As we all know khajur – dates are very good source of hemoglobin. So for date’s lovers it’s a homemade recipe called khajur rolls. Even kids will love to have it.

Ingredients to make Khajur Rolls:

1 tin – 400 grams condensed milk
1 kilo seedless khajur – dates
75 grams chopped almonds
75 grams chopped pistachio
75 grams chopped cashew nuts

For rolling:

Desiccated coconut

Method to make Khajur rolls:

  • Chop dates roughly.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a non stick pan and cook at slow flame.
  • Stir continually.
  • It will not take long time to cook.
  • Stir till a soft lump forms.
  • Let the mixture come at room temperature.
  • Spread desiccated coconut on a butter paper or plastic sheet. Grease hands and make thick roll from mixture and roll it above coconut. You may make small balls also.
  • Let it chill in refrigerator.
  • Rich and tasty Khajur - Dates Rolls are ready to serve.