March 30, 2011

Fresh Fruit Kababs

 Learn, how to make fresh fruits  kababs - high protein and low diet starter .

Normally starters are spicy and oily. So diet conscious people avoids to have it. So fresh fruit kabab is a good option for them. Even you can use it as desert also.

Serves - 6
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - nil

Ingredients to make Fresh Fruit Kababs:

Papaya                    :   1/2 no.
Alfonso mango       :   1 no.
Chikoos                   :   3
Watermelon            :  1/2 no.
Tinned Pineapple   :  10 pieces.
Apple                       :  1 no.
Banana                    :  1 no.
Juice of Lime          :   2 tbsp.
Sugar                       :   1 1/2 tbsp.
Icing Sugar              :   for dusting
Bamboo skewers   :   8 to 10 nos.

Method of Making Fresh Fruit Kababs:

Shan Variety Special Pack Masala Seasoning 1.75oz., 50g (12-Pack) Seekh Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Bombay Biryani, Nihari Curry, Garam Masala, Fruit Chaat, & Chaat Masala Free Recipe Included Exclusive From AllRegionWorld1. Cut papaya,chikoo,watermelon,mango pineapple,banana and apple in equal size cubes.
2. Place all the fruits in a bowl and pour lime juice over it,then mix sugar gently.
3. Thread all the fruits in skewers,they should be in contras colours.
4. Thread the remaining skewers in same manner.refrigerate them.
5. Dust Fresh fruit Kabab  with icing sugar before serving.

(Cherise,strawberries,kiwis and both grapes can also be used.)

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