September 18, 2014

How to make Paneer Manchuran

Recipe by Naiya Sheth: In earlier recipe we made Veg.Manchurian. To make this delicious and well known Chinese recipe healthier yesterday I tried to make Paneer Manchurian. And it was very testy. As we all know paneer is a very good source of calcium, this is a testy and healthy recipe. And above all I used masala paneer - paneer with the taste of spices and ginger, garlic. So, try this home made recipe of Paneer Manchurian with Schezwan Rice or Fried Rice

Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking time - 10 to 15 minutes
Makes - 1 serving

Ingredients to make Paneer Manchurian:

For Masala paneer:

1 litre milk
Lemon juice as needed
Salt to taste
2 tea spoon ginger paste
2 tea spoon garlic paste
1 tea spoon black pepper powder

For Manchurian sauce:

1 recipe of manchurian sauce

Method to make Paneer Manchurian:

  • Heat milk to boiling temp.
  • Add all ingredients of masala paneer to it. (excluding lemon juice.)
  • Mix well add lemon juice while flame is off.
  • Make paneer and hang for 30 minutes minimum.
  • Shallow fry with very little oil in non stick pan.

For manchurian sauce:

  • Make manchurian sauce as the recipe of Manchurian.
  • Instead of water I used paneer whey.

How to assemble:

  • In a serving bowl place masala paneer and then pore piping hot manchurian sauce. Garnish with greens of spring onion.(opt.)
  • Hot, delicious and healthy Paneer Manchurian is ready to serve.

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