January 14, 2013

7 Incredible Foods to Improve Your Eyesight

Article By : Adam. In order to maintain eye health and vision, ocular nutrition are essential. This is because each and every individual part of the eye- the macula, cornea, pupil, iris, retina, lens, optic nerve etc- needs to be healthy in order to perform optimally. Over time, however, there are many things that inevitably go wrong with our vision. Various factors such as physical injury, dust, automobile fumes, ultraviolet rays, long hours in front of a computer screen etc. can contribute to vision problems.
The good news is that you can improve your eyesight naturally without having to undergo expensive medical procedures. All your ocular nutritional needs can be met by consuming a balanced diet that contains foods that are invaluable to proper eye vision. In addition, some of these foods also help to ward off eye-related diseases. Much as eye problems are attributed to genetic factors or aging, you can give your eyes a better chance of fighting off eye-related complications by choosing wisely what you eat. Here in below, we take a look at 7 foods to improve eyesight as follows-

 Arguably one of the most common foods associated with improved eyesight, carrots are vital to healthy eyes as they contain beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene. Beta-carotene is good for the retina as it protects the eyes from damage occasioned by the sun, whilst lycopene is an anti-oxidant that protects the eyes from Ultra-Violet radiation. Further, lutein which is highly concentrated in the macula protects the eyes against damage by free radicals.

Whatever way you choose to have them, eggs are essential to eye health. They contain two anti-oxidants-cysteine and sulphur- which prevent oxidative damage to the lens. Egg yolks are also rich in lutein which guards against age-related macular degeneration. Overall, the B-vitamins, zinc and essential fatty acids contained in eggs make them a must-have in your diet if you wish to improve your sight.

Rich in both lycopene and beta-carotene, apricots foster eye health in a manner similar to carrots. Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body that in turn checks against oxidative damage to the lens and the development of cataracts. Apricots also contain carotenoids that are essential in eyesight improvement.

Dark grapes and berries
Grapes and various types of berries contain eye nourishing nutrients referred to as anthocyanins which greatly improve night vision. Alternately, blueberries contain flavanoids and minerals such as selenium and zinc that not only prevent macular degeneration, but foster proper vision as well.

Dark green leafy vegetables
The benefits of green leafy vegetables in any diet cannot be overstated and it is little wonder that they are also beneficial to eye health. The high levels of anti-oxidants present in them ensure that regular consumption reduces age-related eyesight problems and cataracts.

Fruits rich in vitamin C
Citrus fruits including other vitamin C rich fruits such as tomatoes play a vital role in guarding not just against infection, but degenerative eye conditions. The latter also contains lycopene and lutein whose anti-oxidant properties ensure that the eyes are well protected from damage by the Sun.

Dark chocolate
Rich in flavanoids, regular consumption of dark chocolate will ultimately improve your eyesight. The flavanoids present strengthen the cornea by protecting the eye's blood vessels. For maximum benefits, indulge in chocolate that contains at least 60% cocoa extracts.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Adam Jones. He is health and fitness expert. He recommends liquid proteins as a great source of vitamins, minerals and proteins   

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